Upcoming DockerHub policy changes

Chris Clark

DockerHub has been planning a few policy changes they’ll be implementing Nov 1st, some of which might impact various Cloud Foundry projects:

  • Pull Rate Limits: announced here. These are based on the puller, not the repository, and if you are a member of a paid plan, you will not be subject to this.
  • Image Retention Limits: *HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO MID 2021*
  • Some legacy plans are to be deprecated soon, including the one we are currently on. DockerHub is currently working on new open source plans though, and the CFF will move likely forward with that once they’ve been announced. In the meantime we should be unaffected by the changes listed above.


In short, if you need to be added to the cloudfoundry DockerHub org to avoid pull rate limiting, please email contributors@.... All other changes are not happening in the immediate future.


One last thing to mention: some projects have been using the new GitHub Container Registry, I believe with some success. 

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation