TOC Election Results!

Chris Clark

2022 CFF Technical Oversight Committee Election Results

Many thanks to all the nominees and everyone who voted in the election.

I’m pleased to announce our new TOC members will be:

  • Ruben Koster (VMware)
  • Beyhan Veli (SAP)
  • Andy Hunt (GOV.UK)

They'll be joining Eric Malm (VMware) and Stephan Merker (SAP), whose seats will be up for election next year. 

Congratulations to Ruben, Beyhan and Andy! And, a huge thanks to Lee Porte, David Stevenson, and Jan von Löwenstein for all the excellent work they've done on the TOC over the last year. 

You can see the complete results here.

Chris Clark
Program Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation

Ruben Koster (VMware)

I'm honored to be joining the TOC and excited to help steward the Cloud Foundry Community in the coming year.

Congratulations to the other new TOC members! And a huge thanks to the previous TOC members.