Stratos 3.2.0

Richard Cox

Hi All,

Another month, another Stratos release!

Highlights of 3.2.0 include...

- The SSO_WHITELIST now supports wildcard paths
- Improvements to metric endpoints details view
- Added support for node selectors in the Stratos helm chart
- Improve documentation for the list 'max' feature, including information on the 'fetch all' button
- Endpoints and their connection details can now be backed up by administrators
- CF applications that spend a long time deploying should now successfully stream the log all the way through
- Application stats at the space level should now show correct values again

Full release notes are available from -

We welcome your feedback, comments and bug reports. Please feel free to raise them in github ( or reach out directly to us in slack (#stratos)


Richard Cox
on behalf of the Stratos team