routing-release 0.187.0

Aidan Obley <aobley@...>

We have cut routing-release 0.187.0.

Release Highlights

  • golang version bumped to 1.11.5
  • cf-tcp-router supports truly seamless reloads details
  • Fix url parsing for forwarded url after route-service pass details
  • ms_since_last_registry_update metric will emit -1 when no routes have been created details
  • cf-tcp-router, route-registrar, and routing-api log human-readable RFC3339 timestamps details
  • Operator can configure a manifest property routing_api.sqldb.skip_hostname_validation to skip hostname verification when routing-api communicates with a mysql server that does not provide a valid hostname in its certificate details

Manifest Property Changes

0.186.0 0.187.0 Default Value
did not exist routing_api.sqldb.skip_hostname_validation false

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