Removal of login job from cf-release

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hi folks,

We're announcing the forthcoming removal of the Login component in

This component was made redundant in commit 6522b1 to, which is contained in final release
v208. This was Part 1 of a 2-Part PR, and was just an additive change.
See here:

Operators currently managing a post-6522b1 release should be able to scale
up their UAA jobs and remove their Login jobs accordingly.

We'd like to move forward with Part 2, which will actually remove the Login
job and references to it in manifest templates:

Operators managing a pre-6522b1 release are advised to upgrade to one
post-6522b1 before removing their Login servers to avoid downtime, as BOSH
will remove jobs (namely Login) before updating jobs (namely updating UAA
to a version that obviates the Login server).

Amit Gupta
Product Manager - Cloud Foundry OSS Release Integration Team