Re-usable Concourse Tasks

Daniel Jones

Hi folks,

Slightly off-topic, but I know a lot of you use Concourse.

We've made a an open source repo of small, reusable, side-effect-free Concourse tasks:

These are tested using a YAML-based spec and associated test runner called Ironbird. It has a few rough edges, but it allows folks to test simple tasks without needing to know Ginkgo, or break out a 'proper' programming language.

I got annoyed when I realised that EngineerBetter must have collectively written a 'tar the files' task about a bazillion times, often without tests because "it's just a tar task, how hard can it be?" When you're deploying critical infrastructure, that's not good enough, and I'm sure everyone on this mailing list knows how frustrating it is when a simple task fails at the end of a four-hour infrastructure pipeline.

Anyway, I thought you might find the above useful. Contributions are very welcome, and perhaps if we all contribute to the same repo, we can achieve economies of scale, make our pipelines a bit more robust, and avoid duplicated effort.

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