Proposed deprecation of standalone Log Cache CLI

Jesse Weaver

Hello, folks.

We're considering dropping support for the standalone Log Cache CLI. This is separate from the Log Cache CF CLI plugin, which provides cf tail, cf log-meta and cf query. The standalone CLI was originally created to support a standalone Log Cache running in K8s without CF, which is a use case that we do not see widely used at this time.

We're basing this decision on the very low download counts for the standalone plugin. It has represented less than 1% of downloads over all of the Log Cache CLI releases. (For instance, the long-standing 2.1.0 release had around 15,000 total downloads of the CLI plugins for the various OSs, compared to less than 100 for all of the standalone command builds combined.)

This would take effect with the upcoming 4.0.0 release, which should be coming out within the month. If you rely on the standalone CLI, please give us that feedback.

Thank you!

Jesse Weaver
Product Manager, Logging and Metrics