Heads up: Jammy stemcell in cf-deployment is coming

Jochen Ehret

Dear CF Developers,


we will soon release a new major version of cf-deployment [1] which switches the default stemcell from Bionic [2] to Jammy [3]. From then on, we will run the cf-deployment release and evaluation process only with Jammy. If you have a custom CF deployment, you should check if an upgrade to Jammy is possible.


For Bionic, we will set up a basic validation which deploys a default CF installation and runs the CF Acceptance and Smoke tests. We will also provide an ops file to switch back the default stemcell to Bionic.


If you have questions, you can contact us in the cf-deployment Slack channel [4].


Best Regards,


  Application Runtime Deployments Working Group.



[1] https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-deployment

[2] https://bosh.cloudfoundry.org/stemcells/#ubuntu-bionic

[3] https://bosh.cloudfoundry.org/stemcells/#ubuntu-jammy

[4] https://cloudfoundry.slack.com/archives/C2U7KA7M4