Hands on Labs at CF Summit

Chris Clark

Hello folks, 

As you've likely heard, Cloud Foundry Summit will be a virtual event for the first time. While I'm disappointed we won't all be gathering together in Austin, there is some upside to a virtual summit. With fewer time/space restraints, Summit will run for two days, not one, and we'll be having technical Hands on Labs sessions each day.    

As far as the labs go, we're still in the planning stages, and we wanted to reach out to the community and ask a few questions:

What kind of technical lab/demo content would you want to see included?  
Any particular topics you think we'd be remiss to exclude?  

If you've recently attended any virtual events, any wisdom you'd like to impart on how hands on labs were organized, and how successful they were (or weren't)?  

Are you or your project team interested in running a lab?  

Feel free to respond publicly, or to me directly.  Hope you're all safe and healthy out there. 

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation