Cloud Foundry Summit Goes Cloud Native

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>

It’s official, folks: Cloud Foundry Summit is going virtual. We’ve moved the Austin, Texas, event online to keep you — our fantastic community — safe and healthy during this unforeseen time. What was initially a one-day Summit will now be two half-days devoted to our developer and contributor communities so you can comfortably engage with presentations without spending the entire day in front of your computer.

We know this is a sea change for a community so fiercely devoted to quality in-person discussion. I look forward to our Summits every year, and I am also disappointed that I won’t get to see you all in person. But we remain committed to providing you with the same opportunities for collaboration and education that we’ve offered at all of our in-person Summits, even if the setting is your home office (or kitchen table).

We are working with our inimitable events team to design a virtual Summit that caters not only to the specific interests of our community, but to the abnormal circumstances in which we find ourselves. Cloud Foundry Virtual Summit will take place on Wednesday, June 24th and Thursday, June 25th for several hours each day, with sessions abbreviated to keep you engaged and networking opportunities meant to mimic the beloved “hallway track” at Summit. You’ll find special events like the Diversity Luncheon, Hands-on labs and Community Awards scheduled as usual — just in a different format than you’ve previously experienced. 

Contributors can register here for free using this code: CFNA20CON 

You’ll also notice that we’ve reopened the CFP now that Summit is going virtual, as the format will be a bit different. Check out the CFP submission process here and note that the new deadline is Friday, May 1st. You can submit a talk to the Developer Experience track, the Contributor track or the Diversity track. Feel free to reach out for CFP guidance by tagging @cfp-help in #summit on Cloud Foundry slack.

I imagine this news may not come as a surprise given how many events have moved online for the next few months, but I know it’s still a disappointment for our tight-knit community. I want to make sure that you get to shape this event to be exactly what you need it to be as we venture together into unknown territory. What features do you want to see in a virtual event? What pieces from Cloud Foundry Summit are a must-have? What tools have you used at online events that you loved, and what types of sessions most engaged you? This is feedback we need and want to make sure we make this new virtual summit the best possible experience for you — our community. Please email me or send me a DM on Cloud Foundry slack @chipchilders to share your learnings from other events and how we can serve you.

In the meantime, I hope you are staying safe at home and doing what you need to feel mentally, emotionally and physically healthy during this time. I appreciate your flexibility and understanding around this decision, and I look forward to seeing you from a safe distance at Summit!

Chip Childers
Executive Director
Cloud Foundry Foundation