CFF Working Groups: feedback and participants requested!

Eric Malm

Hi, everyone,

As we mentioned at CF Summit last week, the newly formed Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is currently carrying out more and more of the details of the transition from the previous project-team and project management committee (PMC) structure to the working groups and community roles.

To that end, we have proposed an initial set of working groups on PR #140 on the community repo, together with how they will subsume the existing project teams and components. As a community, we now need to confirm the scope of each of these working groups, to staff them with leads and approvers, and to get them up and running with transparent development and roadmap processes. Consequently, we need a few things from the community now:
  • Please provide feedback on the overall working-group organizational structure.
  • Please provide suggestions for and feedback on the goals, scope, and technical assets for each proposed working group.
  • Please identify people in the community as candidates for approvers/leads in each working group, including yourselves if you already work in this area.
We're currently working out these details for the App Runtime Deployments working group as a pilot case, so if you care about cf-deployment, KubeCF, cf-for-k8s, or the overall community mandate to provide reference deployments of the App Runtime, now is the right time to get involved! The TOC would also like to complete this process for the complete set of working groups over the next few weeks, so if you're more focused on another area of the CF community, we need your involvement as well.

We invite everyone to join to discuss these working-group proposals at the public TOC meetings every Tuesday at 10:30 am ET, with details on the CF community calendar, and to provide feedback asynchronously on a particular proposed working group is the draft PR for its charter. Here is the full list of those charter PRs:
Please don't worry if you don't see a particular project listed here: it should be present in the PR content itself, and if it's not, the TOC wants to know about it!

Eric Malm, TOC member