CF on K8s Vision + Technical Thoughts

Angela Chin

Hi cf-dev,

Following the great discussion in the last CF on K8s SIG call, I wanted to share more about how we at VMware are thinking about defining the technical architecture to support the CF on K8s vision. In particular, we noted how the core developer workflows are key to preserve, while still looking to allow for more direct integration with Kubernetes.

Based on this, we decided to dive into looking at how we might choose to support a “cf push” workflow. At a high level, we are looking at utilizing custom resources to represent core CF concepts (such as App, Process, and Droplet) and have a new component serve as the API for creating these resources. We drew up a possible architecture in this Miro board and would love feedback on it. We’ll be continuing to explore this space and produce other artifacts to share with the community and to discuss in the CF on K8s SIG calls. :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.