cf-for-k8s 0.3.0 alpha release

Saikiran Yerram <syerram@...>

Hello CF community,


We just shipped cf-for-k8s 0.3.0 alpha release.


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Notable changes since the last (v0.2.0) release

New features and Bug fixes

  • 🔥 Platform operators can now set ingress certs for cf apps using the new property workloads_certificate🔥
    • By separating certificate properties for CF API domain (system_certificate), app domains (workloads_certificate), and internal system components (internal_certificate), operators get granular control in creating certificates for different domains.
  • Resolved an issue when upgrading the internal Minio blobstore to new versions (Issue #164).
  • Resolved an issue when upgrading the internal Postgres database (Bitnami Postgres helm chart) (Issue #212). Please note that kapp exits [1] before the Postgres statefulset is available. In addition, rotating database passwords on an existing install do not currently work.
  • Platform operators can now install cf-for-k8s on Kubernetes 1.18 version. You can follow the newest (1.18) and the oldest version (1.14) changes by watching supported_k8s_versions.yml file.
  • Platform operators and app developers can see metrics after pushing the app using the cf cli v7 rolling strategy (Issue #177).
  • Platform operators will now get an error message if the kapp CLI version does not meet the minimum kapp version required to install cf-for-k8s. (This was already the case for vendir and ytt.)
  • Platform operators should see a reduction in insufficient CPU errors when installing cf-for-k8s (Issue #103). With PriorityClass for DaemonSet, K8s will schedule DaemonSet first before scheduling pods.
  • Platform operators can now consume Istio pilot metrics.
  • App Developers can pass environment variables with cf push (Issue #163).

[1] This is a known issue. You will have to manually check for the statefulset pod health before running cf-cli commands.

Other updates

  • CAPI now includes API readiness configuration, so that it can receive traffic only when it’s ready to accept.
  • Changed prefix for user-facing CAPI names to "cf-api".

What we are working on next

  • Continue to resolve issues pertaining to cf-for-k8s upgradability. With v0.3.0 release, Operators can now upgrade Minio, PostgresDB, and config-maps changes. Our next milestone is to resolve upgrade issues with system components, K8s cluster version, and 3rd party components.
  • Incorporate the full set of Paketo Cloud Native Buildpacks into cf-for-k8s.
  • Collaborate with contributing projects in establishing a workflow on consuming releases.

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  • The easiest way to get involved is to start attending the SIG meetings, join the #cf-for-k8s slack channel, and subscribe to the cf-dev@... mailing list.
  • You can also start by improving the docs. Install cf-for-k8s using the deploy docs and if you notice issues or discrepancies in the docs, you can submit a PR.