cf CLI v7.3.0 is now available

Alexander Berez

Good Day to You All,

The cf CLI team has released  v7.3.0 of the cf CLI


  • Change CLI strategy for streaming logs from log cache, delaying when messages aren't found by 250 MS to decrease excessive load on log cache
  • Add --wait to run-task
  • Two spaces indent for json
  • Add support for quotas to be given in TBs
  • Support TLS 1.3

Bug Fixes:
  • Stack being overridden on cf push
  • V7 services do not poll empty jobs
  • Cancel deployment v7 push on failure
  • dfe195d -> Special characters are not HTML encoded

Reid Mitchell, Jenna Goldstrich, Alexander Berezovsky, Dominic Roberts, Juan Diego Gonzalez, Hema Ranganathan, Teal Stannard, Seth Boyles, Zach Robinson, Felisia Martini, George Blue, Sarah Weinstein, Colin Simmons and Ryker Reed

Please see the release notes for more details and links to binaries and packages.

And as always, we really would love to hear from you so please feel free to respond to this email or find us in the Cloud Foundry Slack #cli channel any time.

Thank you very much