cf CLI v7.0.2 is now available

Josh Collins

Good Day to You All,

The cf CLI team has released  v7.0.2 of the  cf CLI (this is a belated announcement as I was OOTO last week).


  • Bug fix: login failed against foundations that use alternative login paths other than UAA
  • Bug fix: double encode name parameters in requests to CAPI #1938
  • Bug fix: allow spaces in app names #1966
  • Deletion: remove leftover v3-zdt- commands that should have been removed in the initial GA

Contributors: James Palmer, Nick Webb, Jenna Goldstrich, Alexander Berezovsky, Steve Taylor, Josh Collins, George Blue, Belinda Liu, Reid Mitchell, Sarah Weinstein

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v3.85.0. See our minimum supported version policy for more information.

Please see the release notes for more details and links to binaries and packages.

And as always, we really would love to hear from you so please feel free to respond to this email or find us in the Cloud Foundry Slack #cli channel any time.

Thank you very much,

The cf CLI and V3 Acceleration teams