cf CLI v7.0.0-beta.27 is available

Abby Chau

Hi everyone,

We've released cf7 CLI beta.27! Here are some highlights:
  • now the start command:
    • stages your app to support the popular cf p app --no-start use case
    • if you've rolled back, starts the app with the droplet you've rolled back to
    • see the upgrade guide for more information
  • running tasks when the app is not a lrp (see documentation for usage):
    • now push supports a new --task flag (configure your (v3) manifest with a task process type)
    • run-task now supports a --process flag and command is no longer a required arg
  • support for adding labels to the domain resource. See documentation for usage.
See release notes for more information including new commands now backed by the v3 API. 
Review our roadmap for information on what's coming next, and to provide feedback for items under consideration.

If you are using the cf CLI v7 release, we would love to hear from you. Please respond via this email or find us in Cloud Foundry Slack #cli or #v3-acceleration-team.


Abby, the cf CLI and v3 Acceleration teams