CF CLI v6.46.1 Released

Alexander Berezovsky

Hey everyone,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.46.1 ; please see release notes for full details.

Highlights Include

Deprecation of --hostname--no-hostname-d--route-path on cf push

The cf CLI team reached out to the Community back in December 2017 to gather feedback about domains and hostnames app manifest properties. Based on feedback, in cf CLI release v6.34.0, the team moved forward with deprecating domains and hostnames properties in the app manifest in favor of the routes attribute.

At the time, the flag options to override the manifest properties were not deprecated. This release deprecates the flag options on cf push:

  • --hostname
  • --no-hostname
  • -d for domain
  • --route-path

When any of the above flag options are passed to cf push, a deprecation warning appears in output text. story

We are seeking feedback on this for the cf7 beta CLI. Please add feedback and comments if you have any concerns.

Update-One Is Generally Available

The SAPI and Services Enablement Team are GA'ing the Update-One Feature in this release. story

  • Adds a --force flag to update-service to support automation workflows story
  • Adds a helpful message if an upgrade is not available story


  • Fixes an issue where update-user-provided-service can unset existing
    credentials associated with a service even when the -p flags is not specified story

Plugin Updates

  • Adds cf-security-entitlement plugin story
  • Updates top plugin to v0.9.4 story
  • Updates cf-puppeteer to 1.1.1 story
  • Updates html5-plugin to 1.3.0 story
  • Updates open plugin to v1.2.2 story