[cf-bosh] [cf-dev] Update regarding Bionic Stemcells: Version 1.1 released for GA!

Eric Malm

Congratulations, Marco and everyone else who has contributed to the Bionic stemcell effort! Great to see the new line get all the way to GA!


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Congrats all. Government and enterprise users of OSS CF owe y'all a beverage!

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Dear Cloud Foundry community,


We've released Bionic 1.1 and removed the 'beta' flag on https://bosh.io/stemcells/ – this means: The Bionic stemcells are officially GA now!


This is a huge step for us, achieved under immense time pressure. A big thank you to everyone involved in this project: without this multi-company effort with people contributing what they can this would not have been possible and/or taken much, much longer. This community continues to amaze me and you're all excellent people!


What's next?

As announced earlier, Bionic is not part of the official CFF security advisories, but the team around @Paul Warren will start to prioritze the necessary work for this. Note that this "only" impacts the way how you receive notifications about new stemcells you should be applying. We already have automation in place to release new stemcells when Canonical releases an important CVE fix for Bionic! So for the time being: watch out for new stemcells on https://bosh.io/stemcells/ and make sure to bring them into production soon.


For all outstanding and ongoing work around the Bionic stemcells, I'd like to refer you again to https://github.com/orgs/cloudfoundry/projects/4. Raise issues if you find Bionic related problems in your Cloud Foundries, help us prioritize the outstanding work, and help us getting it done by collaborating!



Please reply to this mail on the list and/or send us a message in #bosh-bionic on Cloud Foundry slack. Don’t hesitate to DM me or send me a mail if you want to reach out privately.


Warm regards