Cancellation of deprecation of Loggregator V1 Firehose

Jesse Weaver <wjesse@...>

We in the Logging and Metrics team have decided to cancel the deprecation of the Loggregator V1 Firehose.

We had previously planned to deprecate the V1 then the V2 Firehose in favor of more modern, scalable APIs with more sustainable support paths (namely, logs over syslog and metrics over Prometheus endpoints). Difficulties encountered by downstream integrators, and concerns that have come up about the performance of the version of the V2 Firehose API accessible to outside integrations (1), have postponed the deprecation timeline significantly. This, combined with a shift in priority towards work on cf-for-k8s, has led us to believe that deprecation of the V1 Firehose is no longer the best path for operators, integrations, or ourselves.