Call for Nominations: 2022 Cloud Foundry TOC Election

Chris Clark <cclark@...>

Call for Nominations: Cloud Foundry Technical Oversight Committee.

Last June, the inaugural Cloud Foundry TOC was elected. We’re now ready to elect three new members to this committee. To recap, last year, two TOC members were elected to two-year terms, and three were elected to one-year terms, with the understanding that moving forward, all TOC terms will be for two years. Of the initial five TOC members, Eric Malm (VMware), and Stephan Merker (SAP), will now continue on for a second year, and the remaining three seats will be determined by this election. 

Special thanks to our inaugural TOC! That would be Stephan, Eric, David Stevenson (VMware), Jan von Löwenstein (SAP), and TOC lead Lee Porte (Cloud.UK). Adopting a new system of government rarely goes as smoothly as this went, and a lot has been accomplished in the last year. Huzzah.

Please note: only two representatives from a given company are eligible to serve on the TOC at one time. So, no more than one candidate each from SAP and VMware are eligible to win a seat during this election, and no entity can elect more than two representatives.

Instructions for Nominating: 

Nominate someone for the TOC by submitting a GitHub Issue using this template. Nominations must be submitted by June 2nd. Feel free to nominate a colleague (asking them first is recommended), or yourself.

Election Timeline: 

  • May 18 - Announcement of Election and Call for Nominations

  • May 18 through June 2 - Candidate Nomination Period

  • June 2 - Election Begins via email ballots

  • June 17 - Election Close

  • June 22 - Results Announced

  • June 28 - First TOC meeting with new members

Eligible Voters: 

Any individual who has contributed to CFF projects or technical working groups in the 12 months prior to the election is eligible to vote in the TOC election. Next week, a list of eligible voters will be published. If anyone feels like they have not been included in that list, but should have been, please submit an issue using this template. On June 2, email ballots will be sent to all voters on the list. Likewise, if you do not receive an email, but are on the list,  please submit an issue using the above template. 

For any additional questions, please see the 2022 Voting Guide or reach out directly.

Chris Clark
Program Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation

Chris Clark

Hi all, 

Just a reminder to get in any nominations for TOC candidates before next Thursday, June 2. 

And, one procedural update: we'll be using Elekto to handle the voting process this year, in place of the methods we used last year. This should yield a cleaner, simpler process, and voters will be able to authenticate using their GitHub ID.  We'll have more detailed instructions on this once voting begins next Thursday.