Call for maintainers of the Stratos project

Eric Malm

Dear CF community,

We are putting out a final call for maintainers of the Stratos project,, the web-based management GUI for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. The TOC has had this project tentatively targeted for inclusion in the App Runtime Interfaces working group, alongside other distinguished CF clients such as the CF CLI and the CF Java client library. Since early 2021, though, it has been inactive, with the latest official release in January 2021 and the latest commits in April.

If you have an interest in maintaining Stratos, please make the TOC aware by commenting on community issue #226, replying to this thread on the cf-dev mailing list, discussing it with us in the weekly TOC meetings (Tuesdays at 7:30 am PT / 10:30 am ET), or communicating with us in the #toc channel on the Cloud Foundry Slack. If we do not hear of any potential maintainers by April 5th, we will propose archiving the Stratos repository and related repositories at the TOC meeting on that date.

Eric, on behalf of the TOC