CAB call, March 16 2022

Ram Iyengar


Update about the Cloud Foundry CAB call to be held on Wednesday, March 16th –

We will be hosting Onno Brouwer and the conversation will be centered around Open Service Broker API.

What is the discussion scheduled to be?

Onno and their team are using Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes along with OSBAPI. The Service Brokers allow their developers make use of services outside these platforms. Their (impressive) lineup of brokers include Concourse provisioning, Sharepoint connectors, PostgreSQL integrations, etc. They have a lot of success and the project itself is a wonderful technical accomplishment. Onno also has some questions that he would like to air freely. These include – activity around OSBAPI, alternatives, and others.

Who is Onno?

Onno is a senior advisor at Rijkswaterstaat in The Netherlands, where he operates their cloud native platforms since December 2015. Onno has over 25 years of software engineering experience, designing and building software in various languages and environments. His current interest cloud native applications architecture and design. Onno is an experienced speaker, and has presented internal workshops and trainings for topics such as Cloud Foundry, networking, traffic analysis, and security. Onno also held talks at past Cloud Foundry summits in Basel and The Hague, KubeCon, etc.

The community calls are a great way to keep up with what's happening in the Cloud Foundry community. The success of the call is tied closely to the support we get in the form of participation. It would help greatly if you can take part in the discussions that happen.

Also note - due to Daylight savings, clocks have moved back by an hour for some. Please consult the Community Calendar for the accurate slot.

Ram Iyengar
Developer Advocate, CFF