CAB call for January 2020 is next week Wednesday 15th @ 8a Pacific

Michael Maximilien

CAB call [0] for January 2020 is next week Wednesday 15th @ 8a Pacific.
In addition to usual business, we have two planned talks / discussions:
1. KubeCF by Vlad Iovanov, Troy Topnik, and SUSE team [1]
2. CAB 2019 Survey Results and Future Direction by me [2]
Finally, if you have not taken the survey, please do so now:
It will only take you a few minutes (promise :) and this is your chance to shape the CAB call and provide feedback on how to move forward.
Finally, note that I will be at Pivotal SF for this call so if you are in SF join me.
Zoom [0] with you soon.

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silicon valley, ca