Breaking Change in cflinuxfs4 1.0.0 release


The cflinuxfs4 1.0.0 release has just been published: This release marks the stabilization of the 1.0 release prior to the EOL for the cflinuxfs3 stack at the end of April.

As part of the 1.0.0 release, we have included 2 breaking changes that may have impacts on your application builds. The 1.0.0 cflinuxfs4 stack no longer includes a version of Python or Ruby that can be invoked. These language runtimes were previously included in the stack to allow the PHP and Java buildpacks to run given they are written in those languages. Prior to this change, the PHP and Java buildpacks have been updated to bring along their own versions of Python to Ruby such that they will continue to function. Users of these buildpacks will need to upgrade to supported versions of PHP (v4.6.0) and Java (v4.55) prior to upgrading the cflinuxfs4 stack to v1.0.0.