BOSH OpenStack CPI: planned end of maintenance by end of 2019

Marco Voelz

Dear Friends of OpenStack,


Since 2015, the BOSH OpenStack CPI [1] is maintained by the BOSH team Europe at SAP. Historically, this made sense, because SAP was a large user of OpenStack, but in the meantime our focus as a company has shifted.


Consequently, we would like to announce that our team at SAP will stop maintaining the BOSH OpenStack CPI and a few related projects like CF OpenStack validator [2] and bosh-openstack-environment-templates [3] *by the end of 2019*. Already starting right now, we are stopping feature work on the BOSH OpenStack CPI. From 2020 on, we will not release any new versions of the CPI, be it for fixing CVEs, ensuring support of new OpenStack versions, or other reasons.


If there is anybody in the community with interest to continue maintenance and development of the BOSH OpenStack CPI and potentially the related projects as well, we're happy to transfer the ownership of projects and CI pipelines. If no maintainer is found for a project,  the regular course of action would be to move it to the cloudfoundry-attic organization.


If this is a topic you'd like to talk about, please reach out to us by replying to this mail or contacting me directly.


Warm regards