Bi-weekly Round-Up: Technical + Ecosystem Updates from Cloud Foundry

Chris Clark

Hi folks! Here are a few CF events I’d like to highlight coming up this month:  

From the Last Few Weeks

Notable Releases

  • cf-deployment v16.0.0

    • Breaking change: removed ubuntu-trusty stemcell from references in the cf-deployment manifest

    • Enables TLS between route_registrar and NATS

  • cflinuxfs3 v0.222.0

  • uaa v75.0.0

    • Allows multiple oauth client secrets to be configured

    • Updated logging timestamp format

  • BOSH v271.3.0

    • Allows changing of the root domain for DNS

    • Improves director pre-start time

  • cf-java-client v5.1.0

    • Added support for v3 Roles and renaming spaces

  • cloud-service-broker v0.2.2

    • Moved brokerpaks into their own repositories: AWS, Azure, GCP

Dates To Remember (All times U.S. Pacific)

  • Livestream: JavaScript Apps on Kubernetes & Cloud Foundry - February 4 at 9 am

  • CF Technical Governance meeting - February 4 at 8 am (Moved from Feb 5!)

  • CF Technical Governance meeting - February 12 at 8 am

  • CF for Kubernetes SIG meeting - February 16 at 8:30 am

  • How to Monitor Cloud Foundry webinar with DataDog - February 16 at 10 am

  • Bi-Weekly CF App Runtime PMC meeting - February 16 at 10:30 am

  • CAB call - February 17 at 8 am

  • CF Technical Governance meeting - February 19 at 8 am

  • Office Hours: Logging and Metrics - February 19 at 10:30 am 

  • SHIELDing Data in Your Cloud Foundry Apps Hands-on Lab with Stark & Wayne - February 23 at 10 am

Check the community calendar for updates and meeting details here

Ecosystem and General News

Community Updates

  • Have a question for the staff at Cloud Foundry Foundation? Want to stay current with updates for the Foundation? Join the #cff-forum channel on the community Slack.

  • Looking for a job? Check out the #jobs channel in our community slack; folks are sharing the job openings in our community. (And if you are hiring, please do share the info in that channel.)

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation