Bi-weekly Round-Up: Technical + Ecosystem Updates from Cloud Foundry

Chris Clark

Happy New Year! Pretty slow news week out there in the wider world, so here are some Cloud Foundry happenings to occupy your stimulation-deprived brains.

From the Last Few Weeks:

Notable Releases:

  • Stratos v4.4.0, with many new features, including:

    • updates to visible Kubernetes resource types

    • application deployment from private repositories

    • an improved homepage 

    • Read more here.

  • Routing-release v0.211.0

    • adds support for sticky sessions when CF-deployed reverse proxy is used


Dates To Remember (All times U.S. Pacific):

  • CF Technical Governance meeting - January 15 at 10 am 

  • CF for Kubernetes SIG meeting - January 19 at 8:30 am

  • Bi-Weekly CF App Runtime PMC meeting - January 19 at 10:30 am

  • Office Hours: Logging and Metrics - January 19 at 11 am

  • CAB call - January 20 at 8 am

  • CF Technical Governance meeting - January 22 at 10 am

  • CF Extensions PMC meeting - January 25 at 11 am

  • cf push for Modern Observability” Webinar with DataDog - January 26 at 10 am

Check the community calendar for updates and meeting details here

Ecosystem and General News:

Community Updates:

  • Have a question for the staff at Cloud Foundry Foundation? Want to stay current with updates for the Foundation? Join the #cff-forum channel on the community Slack.

  • Looking for a job? Check out the jobs board and the #jobs channel in our community slack; folks are sharing job openings in our community there. (And if you are hiring, please do share that in that channel.)

Chris Clark
Technical Operations Manager
Cloud Foundry Foundation