Announcing cf-mysql-release v22

Marco Nicosia

Happy Friday!

On behalf of the CF Core Services team I am pleased to announce v22 of cf-


cf-mysql-release <> is a
BOSH release that delivers a MySQL-compatible DataBase-as-a-Service for
Cloud Foundry users. Through Cloud Foundry, users can provision databases
and deliver unique credentials to bound applications.

v22 is a minor update; we release regularly to make sure you have access to
all the latest features and fixes. The major changes in v22 are updated
MariaDB packages and several configuration and security changes. We're
continuing to make the included stubs easier to use, in particular there's
a new stub with this release to make it easy to customize the service
plans. We've also expanded our documentation. Please send us feedback on
how we're doing!

For all the details, please see the release notes for v22

Special note for Amazon AWS users: We weren't satisfied with the difficulty
of configuring cf-mysql-release across multiple AWS AZ's, so we've put some
effort into making the stub much easier to follow. For v22, please feel
free to use this pre-release version of the stub that will appear in v23.
It's been tested and validated to work with v22:

If you'd like to know more, detailed release notes can be found on GitHub
<> and
If you'd like to know even more than that, each line contains a link to the
original story under which a feature was commissioned.

As always, we'd love to hear if you're having any problems with this
version of the software. Please open a GitHub issue
<>. If you're
willing, we're always very happy to receive a Pull Request

PS - For those of who you might be wondering why we've skipped v21: A
particularly large robot in the Release Engineering Department experienced
a momentarily lapse of judgement. It did report that v21 was quite tasty,
but unfortunately no longer available for general release. We've responded
by adjusting the robot's diet and medications. Future releases should
navigate the process unharmed. We apologize for the inconvenience, and send
our condolences to v21's family and friends.

Marco Nicosia
Product Manager
Pivotal Software, Inc.
c: 650-796-2948