admin_ui (v6): Resource limit matched - restart

Francois-Yanick Bourassa <fybhybris@...>


This thread was originally posted at!topic/admin-ui/6HICMfIlwIc but as the admin_ui is scanning information from Cloud Foundry's components, I feel that my question can be copied in this channel as well. ;-)

After the deployment of the release v6 of admin_ui (see, a problem started to appears: the app is restarted regularly because it loads more then 500MB of memory (from the line I am confuse by what this load of memory consists of. I want to put efforts on diminishing the load of memory instead of trying to patch by increasing the limit of MB before restarting.

I notice that the v6 contains new tabs (10 in total compare to v5) and some new columns in some pre-existed ones. This certainly generate more data then v5. Is that means that we all gonna face soon or later to reach that limit (from a community point-of-view) or if we can immediately control on what it is load to stick with the limit of 500MB. In fact, can somebody confirm if the "load of memory" include the data? If so, that will always increase in big and scalable environment such as production.

Here is the message we have to inform us of the overtaking:

admin-ui: admin_ui(0) [id=54d..., cid=i-af...]
admin_ui ( - Resource limit matched - restart
Severity: 3
Summary: total mem amount of 523996kB matches resource limit [total mem amount>512001kB]
Time: 2015-09-12 07:05:25 UTC

Thank you for any hint about this. I am not an expert but looking to learn! ;-)