Announcing the cf CLI v6.52.0 Release

Josh Collins

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening,

The cf CLI team has released  v6.52.0 of the cf CLI yesterday afternoon.

This v6 release includes the final feature functionality updates that we will be making to the v6 line outside of the most severe blocking bugs and/or CVE patches.


Legacy plugins use Log Cache - [story]
**NOTE:** We bumped the config as part of the implementation. CLI users that had targeted and logged into their foundations prior to updating to this CLI version may be required to to re-login & target to initialize the updated config.
- Add logic to revoke tokens on CLI logout when revocable flag for UAA is present
- Improved redaction in UAA verbose logging
- If UAA provides standard prompts (Email, Password) then the CLI can translate
them into the user's locale; else will display the prompt provided by UAA platform
  - Thanks @frodenas for PR'ing the sample translation for Spanish
- Provide localized prompt if sso is misconfigured - [story]

Shameless Plug: 
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Bug Fixes:

- Lowercase hostname in `map-route` - [story]
- Correct an issue with the update-service command where command was removing the tags on service when no tags were provided.

James Palmer, Nick Webb, Jenna Goldstrich, Alexander Berezovsky, Steve Taylor, Josh Collins, Andrew Crump, Olivier Lechevalier, Xinhu Liu, Lisa Burns, Sebastian Vidrio

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v2.100.0 (3.35). - See our minimum supported version policy for more information.

Please see the release notes for more details and links to binaries and packages.

And as always, we really would love to hear from you so please feel free to respond to this email or find us in the Cloud Foundry Slack #cli channel any time.

Thank you very much,

The cf CLI Team