Routing release 0.202.0

Josh Russett

Hi cf-dev!


Routing release 0.202.0 is now available.


Release Highlights

  • Platform operators observe the following:
    • `X-Cf-RouterError` Response headers in application access logs
    • Gorouter logs messages when the gorouter fails to find any endpoints
    • Gorouter's log messages for retry attempts are consistent in form
  • Clarify `backend-endpoint-failed` errors in Gorouter logs by logging cause `x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid`
  • Clarify, in the gorouter job spec,
    • that `extra_headers_to_log` property (the "HTTP headers to log") only applies to Request headers
    • how `request_timeout_in_seconds` applies to connections between the router and backend




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