Update on the GA of cf CLI V7

Josh Collins <collinsjo@...>

Good Afternoon, Good Morning, and Good Evening,

We'd like to share a quick update regarding the GA of the v7 CLI. We're confident in the v7 GA and although the original target date hasn’t changed, we've made a few adjustments to how we’ll approach GA that you should be aware of.


  • We expect version 7.0.0 to release on or before June 22nd

  • The 7.0.0 release should have no impact to existing systems/workflows that rely on the v6 cf CLI

  • Thank you!

For those interested in more detail...

The following milestones are no longer considered pre-requisites for the GA of the v7 CLI (rationales for each is provided further below):

  1. Providing the package management infrastructure to support pinning to the v6 version of the CLI

  2. Getting the v7 CLI running in all of Release Integration's CF-Deployment CI pipelines

Rationales for the removal of  the following milestones:

  1. Providing the package management infrastructure to support pinning to the v6 version of the CLI:
    The v7 CLI depends on the latest CAPI release (v1.95.0), which the vast majority of foundations running in the wild will not have deployed yet.

    We’ve decided to publish the v7 GA to the various package managers we support in the same manner as we have been publishing the v7 betas.  Folks already consuming the v7 beta via a package manager should be updated to 7.0.0 the next time they update. Please note that the binary name of the cf CLI 7.0.0 will be `cf`, as opposed to the beta binary name `cf7`.

    This is intended to minimize disruption to the community and afford the CLI team the time we need to work through the discovered complexities of package management.

    As a result, staying on the major version of the CLI that you are currently consuming from package managers will not require special intervention (with the exception of those who are consuming the beta v7).

    For those who must do so, our Downloads section of the CLI README will be updated with instructions on how to switch back and forth between the v7 and v6 CLIs.

  2. Getting the v7 CLI running in all of the Release Integration team’s (RelInt’s) CF-Deployment CI pipelines:
    The purpose of RelInt's pipelines is to validate the stability of a particular combination of the component releases specified in the CF-Deployment manifest. In the context of RelInt's pipelines, the CLI is used as a vehicle to exercise the platform, and when their pipelines run green, a release of CF-Deployment can be published.

    While this milestone provides valuable information, it's not primarily a validation of the CLI itself. The pipelines that the CLI team manage test the CLI exhaustively.  When our pipelines run green, we can confidently release a version of CLI, including the GA of v7.

    That said, we've worked with the Release Integration team to get a copy of one of their pipelines running with the v7 CLI release candidate against a branch of cf-acceptance-tests with modifications necessary to run it.

    This helps us build confidence that the coming migration of all of the Release Integration team's pipelines will be relatively smooth.

We appreciate any efforts you take to share this information with others in the community and look forward to the GA of the cf CLI!

For more information and/or questions about the v7 CLI, please visit Cloud Foundry docs, message us on slack, or visit our github.

Thanks so very much,

The CLI Team