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Josh Collins

Hello Again My Dear Cloud Foundrians,

As promised, we’re sending a follow-up to our initial v7 CF CLI GA announcement.

We’ve set target dates/milestones for the v7 GA and we’ve completed our audit of the v7 CLI commands and the list of differences between v6 and v7 are available for review. We’re still working on the exact approach to support pinning to earlier versions of the CLI and we’ll send a follow up when that’s solidified.

Estimated milestones/dates:




A copy of one of the Release Integration Team’s CI Pipelines is running cf7 CLI beta & v7 CATs


v7 CLI Release Candidate (7.0.0-rc.1) published


v6 CLI available for pinning in automated scripts


RelInt’s CF-Deployment CI Pipelines are running CLI v7.0.0-rc.x  & v7 CATs


v7.0.0 CLI is GA


RelInt’s CF-Deployment CI Pipelines running v7.0.0 CLI & v7 CATs

And here’s the finalized and comprehensive list changes CLI changes you can anticipate when migrating from v6 to v7.

Once the work to support pinning to older versions of the CLI has been completed, we’ll publish instructions for doing so in the Download the CF CLI docs page. We'll also send a reply to this thread to let you know.

For more information and/or questions about the v7 CLI, please visit Cloud Foundry docs.

If you'd like to chat, please feel free to message us on slack, or visit our github.

Looking forward!

Cloud Foundry CLI Contributors


On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 9:13 AM Josh Collins <jcollins@...> wrote:

Dear Cloud Foundry Community,

We are nearing the completion of the v7 CF CLI and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be cutting our GA release soon!


The exact target date for the launch hasn’t been finalized but because transitioning from v6 to v7 will require coordination and planning we’re sending an initial heads up. We'll send follow ups to this communication once the launch date and associated details become concrete.


In case you haven’t been following the development of the v7 CLI closely, here’s three of many new capabilities that will become available when v7 GAs:

  • Rolling Deploys using the "--strategy" flag for "cf push" and other commands

  • Metadata apply labels and annotations to apps, spaces, organizations, and other resources

  • Sidecar Processes for applications using application manifests

Current Plan:

  1. We’ll continue working through and finalizing the finer-grained details regarding the transition from v6 to v7 (these details will be sent as a follow up to this announcement in advance of the v7 GA)

  2. In the coming weeks, we’ll cut a feature complete v7 CLI release candidate (7.0.0-rc.1)

  3. We’ll coordinate with Release Integration (RelInt) team to integrate the RC v7 CLI into their CF-Deployment CI pipelines and iterate on fixes as necessary ‘till they run green 

  4. Once we’ve finalized and published the v6 to v7 transition plan & the RC v7 CLI has been passing successfully through RelInt’s CF-Deployment CI Pipelines, we’ll GA the v7 CLI

  5. Once the v7 CLI is GA, the active development and release of new features and bug fixes will take place on the v7 CLI, and as per Phase 2 of the v6 CLI deprecation plan, the v6 CLI will no longer be under active development and only be updated to fix severe bugs and or CVEs

While our goal is for the v6 to v7 CLI transition to be fairly easy, it is a major version bump containing breaking changes and a certain amount of impact is unavoidable. 

The previously published “Upgrading to cf cli v7” describes many of the breaking changes that will be included at launch. Although the doc isn’t final, it’s the best resource currently for those needing to understand the change required in day to day manual and/or automated workflows.


At the time of this communication, although the list of breaking changes included in the document linked above is nearly complete, it should not be considered comprehensive.

Once we complete our final review/audit we’ll publish an exhaustive list of the changes from v6 to v7 and we’ll send an announcement to the community.   

Automated scripts may break when v7 of the CLI GAs. To minimize disruption and allow for teams to migrate when ready, we will support pinning to the 6.x major version. Although this isn’t possible today, the CLI team is actively working on this capability and will send a follow-up communication with instructions once that work is complete.

Lastly, with the GA release of v7, we plan to update the CF-CLI Minimum Supported Version policy. A separate communication describing the intended changes will be sent to this distribution list soon. 

For more information about the v7 CLI, please visit Cloud Foundry docs, message us on slack, or visit our github.


Cloud Foundry CLI Contributors

Josh Collins