Routing Release 0.196.0

Keshav Sharma <ksharma@...>

Hello CF community, 

Release Highlights

  • Platform Operators can now know the maximum impact from a single component on their database details

Application Developers can see metrics that help them more easily determine if latency is coming from the gorouter or their application details

  • Platform Operators can now leverage jq on the router vm to debug more easily details

  • Application Developers can leverage w3c trace context to experience better:

    • Visibility into the behavior of distributed applications
    • Management of micro-service applications details

      Manifest Property Changes

Job Property 0.195.0 Default 0.196.0 Default
gorouter tracing.enable_w3c Did Not Exist False
gorouter tracing.w3c_tenant_id Did Not Exist “”

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