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Jenny Hilton


We have an old org for our which exceed quota after several month of teams usage, then we start to delete services manually which not used and this is not a simple job to run after quata , not used service and very hard to manage it...
We have a new Org in CF for Our teams ( we use native CF- OS) .

Now we have a much big Quota, (memory, disk,routes etc) but if we do not do some cleanup job a while the quota will exceed after few month again...
There is some service/ capability in native CF to do some cleanup or shout down automatically for services/app which not used/called after some defined time (like after 2-3 month ) maybe stop them or even delete them .. king of "Watch Dog" ?

Lets say I've the org admin rights ...


Jenny Hilton

Ping :- )

tommyoshields71 <tommyoshields71@...>

But when started someone out there was guiding me in the wrong direction
new to this but after seeing the results now I know which direction to take
I've had some downtime do to illness with my family members and water
damage to my equipment but even tonight while trying to do something
someone we'll message me they were guided me in the wrong direction I will
focus on the task at hand like stylus I want make something good

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Ping :- )

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