Proposal: BOSH Bootloader for Operators

Evan Farrar <evanfarrar@...>

BOSH Bootloader, a tool for paving the IaaS for installation of Cloud
Foundry, has primarily focused on the experience of two groups of users:
first-time users and Cloud Foundry core team members. BBL is now used by
several core teams and is also getting an influx of new users trying Cloud
Foundry for the first time, but we haven't yet done very much to support
the use-cases of production operators.

The Cloud Foundry Infrastructure team is proposing an inception to plan
further enhancements to BBL to support the longer-term needs of system

We are interested in community feedback on this initial focus and scope,
particularly if you operate Cloud Foundry. We tentatively plan to incept
later next week in the Pivotal office in Santa Monica, California, if we
can adequately address feedback to this proposal.

Please reply to the thread, comment on the proposal, or discuss with us in
#bbl-users on slack[1].