rsyslogd default transport change in CF252

Jason Keene

The syslog_daemon_config properties for the metron_agent job are used to
configure rsyslogd. Recently we changed the default transport
from TCP to UDP for both the metron_agent and metron_agent_windows jobs.
This change was done on the metron_agent_windows job to enable Windows to
write syslog. The change was also made to the metron_agent job to remain
consistent between the two. These changes result in the same behavior for
mixed windows and linux deployments.

For CF252 and future releases, if you require TCP transport for component
logs, you will need to explicitly set the property
syslog_daemon_config.transport to tcp in your deployment manifest.
Otherwise your syslog server will have to be configured to accept syslog
over UDP.

If you have any questions about this change please hop on slack in
#loggregator <> or
reply to this email.