Concerns on the "unique_id" in the service metadata

Ponraj E

Hi Colleagues,

I have some concerns on the unique_id in the service metadata.

1. In the api docs it says unique_id -A "guid" that identifies the service with the broker. And if one visits the catalog-metadata link here: -see Example Cloud Controller Response Body-here the unique_id values seem to take string containing characters and numbers (not only guid). So there is a little bit of confusion as to what the unique_id value type is. The documentation of the apidocs can be updated for better clarity.

2. Secondly, in the space summary retrieval : ,the unique_id is not part of the service details metadata that's been returned. Any particular reason why?

Thanks for the help.


Amelia Downs

Hello Ponraj,

1. The value of unique_id is a guid. We have submitted this PR to the documentation team so that they can clarify this in the example you pointed out.

2. As far as we know, there's no particular reason why the unique_id was not presented in the spaces summary.

Amelia and Urvashi, CAPI Team Members