How are you using HAProxy in cf-release?

Aaron Huber

I've seen more than a few references over time to poor performance of TLS
termination at GoRouter vs. HAProxy - is this no longer the case? It's
probably the only reason I'd be concerned about taking HAProxy out of the


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Shannon Coen


To support the project wide goal of deploying CF as a collection of
composable releases, rather than one, the CF Routing team has extracted
Gorouter from cf-release into cf-routing-release. Of course, Gorouter is
still symlinked into cf-release so it will be deployed with cf-release.

Very few jobs remain in cf-release. The Routing team will also extract the
route-registrar job in the routing-release. The last one the Routing team
is responsible for is HAProxy.

But I wonder, what purpose does this serve? Is it necessary to maintain
this job for the new way of deploying CF? What use case does it currently
fulfill, and could those use cases be fulfilled in a better way?

If this is of interest, please take a look at the following document, and
share your thoughts and feedback as comments.

Thank you!

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.