[ANN] kafka-firehose-nozzle

taichi nakashima


In Rakuten, we use Apache Kafka for collecting all CF component logs, application logs, or system metrics (I described about it on our blog http://techblog.rakuten.co.jp/2016/01/28/rakuten-paas-kafka/ ).

We open sourced one of key components for this logging stack, kafka-firehose-nozzle (https://github.com/rakutentech/kafka-firehose-nozzle), to consume log from firehose and forward to Kafka. I hope this will help CF user who wants to integrate CF loggregator with Kafka.

While writing this, we also wrote small golang package for building nozzle, https://github.com/rakutentech/go-nozzle. This helps you writing a new nozzle.

If you have interest, please check each repository. And PR or issues are always welcome :)


Taichi Nakashima (https://github.com/tcnksm)