CF CLI Release v6.13.0

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team cut 6.13.0. Release notes and binaries are available at:

Note that we have simplified the download matrix and filenames are being updated to include the release version.

Let us know what you think!

Highlights of this release include:

Diego GA

In alignment with the effort to get to a GA version of Diego [0] in CF-Release, this version of the CLI includes new commands specific to the Diego component of runtime. These commands have been pulled into the core CLI from the 2 existing plugins [1] [2]. Among the features, the highlights are:

· A user can now ssh to an app container

· `cf push` includes a new flag to specify a docker image




Other Features:

· Plugin install now prompts interactively and provides warning to inform user of risk

· `cf scale` can now scale an app to zero instances

Bug Fixes:

· Fixed issue with password containing double-quote or backtick exposing partial password in cleartext in cf_trace

· login with --sso flag was providing link with http url. Fixed bug so that it provides https url.

Improved User Experience/Error Messages:

· Attempt to delete a shared domain with `cf delete-domain` will now fail early

· Improved error message when `cf curl` not properly formed

· Improved message when no users found in `cf org-users` and `cf space-users`

· Improved message when push of app times out due to wrong port specification

New Plugins:

· Firehose Nozzle Plugin

· Cloud Deployment Plugin

Also notable:

Updated CLI to Go 1.5.1, and added a --build flag to list this version.

Greg Oehmen & Dies Köper
Cloud Foundry CLI Product Manager