cf push hanged in after package donwload


Hi expert,my env:cf 213 vsphere 5.5
After redeploy CF in a new environment,  testing spring-music as the first app. When run cf push, get below issue:------------------------------------
$ cf pushUsing manifest file /home/david/spring-music-master/manifest.yml
Creating app spring-ca in org pivotal / space space01 as admin...OK
Creating route
Binding to spring-ca...OK
Uploading spring-ca...Uploading app files from: /home/david/spring-music-master/build/libs/spring-music.warUploading 576.9K, 90 filesDone uploadingOK
Starting app spring-ca in org pivotal / space space01 as admin...-----> Downloaded app package (22M)
FAILEDspring-ca failed to stage within 15.000000 minutes--------------------------------------$ cf logs app spring-ca --recent dose not show valuable info
DEA config as below:dea_next:    advertise_interval_in_seconds: 5    allow_host_access: null    allow_networks: []    default_health_check_timeout: 60    deny_networks: []    directory_server_protocol: https    disk_mb: 30480    disk_overcommit_factor: 2    evacuation_bail_out_time_in_seconds: 600    heartbeat_interval_in_seconds: 10    instance_disk_inode_limit: 200000    kernel_network_tuning_enabled: true    logging_level: debug    memory_mb: 10240    memory_overcommit_factor: 3    rlimit_core: 0    staging_disk_inode_limit: 200000    staging_disk_limit_mb: 10000    staging_memory_limit_mb: 10240  description: Cloud Foundry sponsored by Pivotal  disk_quota_enabled: true--------------------------------------------------thanksDavid

Amit Gupta

Hi David,

Looks like this question is a duplicate of the issue you just opened here:

Please look for our response to this question in the next few days over on the github issue.