CF CLI Release v 6.12.3

Greg Oehmen

The CF CLI team just cut 6.12.3. Release notes and binaries are available

Highlights of this release include:

Bug Fix: runtime error: index out of range

originally reported here and
in many subsequent Github issues


The root problem for this particular crash is because
v2/apps/GUID/instances reports 0 instance for a newly stopped app, but
GetContainerMetrics() from noaa library will continue to report instances
metrics for a while, and eventually be consistent with
v2/apps/GUID/instance. This causes the CLI’s 'index out of range error'.
The bug is fixed by not gathering metrics unless instance>0, but
GetContainerMetrics() should be consistent with what CC endpoint reports.

Pull Requests


Merge pull request #544 <>
from cloudfoundry/code-tidy Code tidy: Code cleanup: remove unused
variables, remove orphan functions, shadowing reserved word

Merge pull request #523 <>
from zachgersh/master Unmarshal the extra field, get documentation url

Merge pull request #540 <>
from cloudfoundry/use_go_yaml Support yaml '<<' merge type

Merge pull request #534 <>
from cloudfoundry/feature/commands-restart-and-create Move commands to new
command pattern.

Merge pull request #505 <>
from zhang-hua/bug-93578300 Reduce API calls when CRU operations of service

Merge branch 'story-87481016' of into

Merge pull request #514 <>
Fix create-app-manifest only includes one host [92530254]

Also notable:

We deprecated the use of CodeGangsta within the CF CLI. Previously,
CodeGangsta had been used for managing help and flags within the CLI. We
now manage those functions natively in the CLI. This is a precursor to the
work we will begin soon of refactoring help, restructuring command syntax
and abstracting admin-only commands out into some separate manifestation;
perhaps a plugin.

Greg Oehmen
Cloud Foundry Product Manager