UAA Release 2.4.1 Now Available !

Sree Tummidi


- Update the Identity Provider End Point to save and retrieve Lockout
policy per zone <>
- Show relevant message after user lockout
- Updated SAML identity provider configuration to accept an
addShadowUser property to govern shadow account creating during SAML
Authentication <>
- Expose Managing /Users & /Groups to a Zone Admin
- New Scope for Creating Clients in a Zone
- Allow to build uaa with Java 8

*Bug Fixes*

- UAADB Housekeeping: Clean up unused/expired oauth_codes and one time
passcodes <>
- Querying users with pagination will return duplicate users
- Serialization/deserialization issues of Java Objects stored in UAADB

View it on GitHub <>.

Sree Tummidi
Sr. Product Manager
Identity - Pivotal Cloud Foundry