Refactoring Runtime

Onsi Fakhouri <ofakhouri@...>

Hi CF-Dev,

As discussed at the June 2nd Runtime PMC
some of the OSS CF development teams are being reorganized. The primary
focus has been on breaking the runtime team apart along cleaner lines of
responsibility. This refactoring especially makes sense in light of
Diego's approach to GA status.

We've split runtime into 3 teams:

Routing Team

Responsibilities include the Gorouter and the new TCP Router. Shannon Coen
is PM.

CAPI: the API Team

Responsibilities include the Cloud Controller and cover both the
application API and the services API. Dieu Cao is PM.

MEGA: the Release Integration Team

Responsibilities include the integration pipeline (named A1) and
CF-Release. In short, if the MEGA team does its job well, it will be able
to reliably tell us: “this is the set of cf components and versions that
work reliably together” and “this version of the components can be safely
upgraded to this other version of the components”. Amit Gupta is PM.

More details around the three teams, including links to repos and tracker
projects are available at (please bear
with us as we bring the wiki up-to-date!)

Whereas Routing and CAPI are relatively self-explanatory, MEGA merits a
little more discussion:

The MEGA team is an important refactor that is taking on the burden of
monitoring builds and integrating the various components of Cloud Foundry
into a cohesive whole. This important job was previously under Runtime's
umbrella but constitutes a substantial amount of work that will benefit
from the focus and attention of a dedicated team.

While spinning out MEGA is best understood as an organizational refactor
the scope and responsibility of an "integration" team runs the risk of
being vague. To help clarify the team's responsibilities and the ways in
which they will be making substantive contributions to CF we've put
together a preliminary mandate for the team here

Comments and feedback on the Mega mandate are, of course, welcome. The
team will be holding an inception on Wednesday to further refine the doc
and we fully expect the team's role and responsibilities to evolve with