Buildpacks PMC - 2015-06-15 notes

Mike Dalessio

Hello everybody,

We had a meeting of the Buildpacks PMC today, permanent notes are at:

which I've helpfully snapshotted in this email below.



*# Buildpacks PMC Meeting 2015-06-15*

*## Agenda*

1. Update on Java Buildpack (Ryan Morgan)
2. Update on core Buildpacks (Mike Dalessio)
3. Open Discussion

*## Attendees*

* Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
* Alex Tarpinian, IBM
* Michael Fraenkel, IBM
* Ruben Koster, Stark and Wayne
* Ryan Morgan, Pivotal
* Mike Dalessio, Pivotal

*## Update on Java Buildpack (Ryan Morgan)*

* Investigation on an OOM issue raised on cf-dev:
* Spike on Lunk SDK integration (Hardware security device from SafeNet):
* Next release will be 3.1, likely by the end of June.

*## Update on core Buildpacks (Mike Dalessio)*


* Started taking over maintenance of [rootfs][stacks]
* Working on building CF-specific binaries.
* Moved to Concourse. Will be made public shortly.
* [upcoming] Will soon be removing support for lucid64 rootfs.

Some discussion with Michael Fraenkel about the timing of removal of
lucid64 from `cf-release`, and whether this impacts the buildpacks
work. We'll loop up with Dieu in the Runtime PMC tomorrow.


* Released [staticfile-buildpack][static] which eliminates the static
linking of libpcre3 in the expectation of an upstream patch for
CVE-2015-3210 to rootfs.
* Released [python-buildpack][python] which updates to [python
* Released [php-buildpack][php] which includes some security improvements
and updates to PHP interpreters.
* Released [nodejs-buildpack][nodejs] which updates to nodejs 0.12.4.


Michael Fraenkel noted that he submitted a small PR to
`binary-buidpack`, which Mike Dalessio will review ASAP.

*## Open Discussion*

No additional topics were covered.