Runtime PMC - 2015-06-02 notes

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Runtime PMC Meeting 2015-06-02

1. Proposed Runtime refactor
2. Current Backlog and Priorities
3. PMC Lifecycle Activities
4. Open Discussion


- Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
- Michael Fraenkel, IBM
- Matt Sykes, IBM
- Steve Winkler, GE
- Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal
- Erik Jasiak, Pivotal
- Sree Tummidi, Pivotal
- Eric Malm, Pivotal
- Marco Nicosia, Pivotal
- James Bayer, Pivotal

Runtime refactor

[image: runtime-refactor]
Backlogs and Priorities

- Accelerating effort to move components away from varz.
- Plan to work with individual teams to document what the varz metrics
actually mean
- backwards incompatible change in NOAA library - to be documented and
communicated to cf-dev


- Nearing completion of 50 cell experiment
- This week working on 100 cells
- starting semantic versioning for Diego
- Some security stories
- progressing on ssh track ** reimplementing scp inside of our daemon **
xtp with cli for ssh plugin ** making sure correct policy is in place for
ssh access, configurable at deployment, space, and app level ** Some
discussion around policy for removing instances that have been modified


- UAA 2.3.1 released - includes a bug fix that IBM was interested in
- Revokable token strategy - research and POCs
- Password policy for multi-tenant zones
- Add policy around lockout and expiry
- Planning inception next week around token revocation and handling of
saml claims


- Dropping this week 0.2.5 release
- Support for new version terraform
- Community contributed openstack support
- cli to use Diego’s task functionality, UX is terrible, but
functionality is nice.
- Community requested, enable monitoring of a url, health status of a url
- Massive document scrubbing using github to update the documents
- looking at implementing condenser, creating droplets for lattice


- Breaking out the GoRouter into a separate CF Routing team, inception
on Route Services on Monday.
- Making good progress on transitioning CI to concourse. Can see our
progress here <>
- Making good progress on Routing API work.

Lifecycle Activities

- Proposed moving the work on GoRouter into a separate CF Routing team.
No objections raised to creating the new team
- Proposed Dieu Cao to lead the new CF Routing team. No objections
raised to Dieu leading the new team
- Tracker for CF Routing
- Notes from Route Services inception

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 12:55 AM, Dieu Cao <dcao(a)> wrote:


We had a meeting for the Runtime PMC earlier this week.
Notes available here:


Dieu Cao <dcao@...>


We had a meeting for the Runtime PMC earlier this week.
Notes available here: