Memory Leak in doppler and metron_agent?

libnux <>


I'm running a v205 CF deployment with ~350 application instances.

I just found that the doppler process on the doppler node and the
metron_agent process on the gorouter node used too much memory(90.9% and
13.3 %), as below.

Acutually, the memory usage of metron_agent was also >90%, and I
restarted it yesterday, and just after 14 hours, the usage went up to

There are two doppler nodes and three gorouter nodes.

Process 'doppler'
status Running
monitoring status Monitored
pid 21648
parent pid 1
uptime 2d 11h 10m
children 0
memory kilobytes 14948028
memory kilobytes total 14948028
memory percent 90.9%
memory percent total 90.9%
cpu percent 12.5%
cpu percent total 12.5%

Process 'metron_agent'
status Running
monitoring status Monitored
pid 28995
parent pid 1
uptime 14h 10m
children 2
memory kilobytes 2195608
memory kilobytes total 2195608
memory percent 13.3%
memory percent total 13.3%
cpu percent 6.8%
cpu percent total 6.8%