Runtime PMC: 2015-05-19 Notes

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, all,

The Runtime PMC met on Tuesday, 2015-05-19. Permanent notes are available

and are included below.



*# Runtime PMC Meeting 2015-05-19*

*## Agenda*

1. Current Backlog and Priorities
1. PMC Lifecycle Activities
1. Open Discussion

*## Attendees*

* Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
* Matt Sykes, IBM
* Atul Kshirsagar, GE
* Erik Jasiak, Pivotal
* Sree Tummidi, Pivotal
* Eric Malm, Pivotal
* Shannon Coen, Pivotal
* Will Pragnell, Pivotal
* Marco Nicosia, Pivotal

*## Current Backlog and Priorities*

*### Runtime*

* Shannon filling in for Dieu this week
* support for context-based routing; delivered
* investigating query performance
* addressing outstanding pull requests
* bump to UAA
* issues with loggregator in acceptance environment, blocker to cutting
stabilization release for collector

*### Diego*

* ssh access largely done, currently working routing ssh traffic to proxy
* performance breadth: completed 50 cell test, investigating bulk
processing in jobs that do so
* refining CI to improve recording compatible versions of Diego and CF
* processing of PRs from Garden and Lattice are prioritized
* Stories queued up to investigate securing identified gaps in Diego

*### UAA*

* 2.2.6, 2.3.0 releases, notes available
* upgraded Spring versions
* update to JRE expected in v210 of cf-release
* more LDAP work, chaining in identity zone: both LDAP and internal
authentication can work simultaneously
* support for New Relic instrumentation, will appear after v209
* upcoming:
* risk assessment of persistent token storage: understand performance
* starting work on password policy: multi-tenant for default zone and
additional zones
* OAuth client groups: authorization to manage clients
* SAML support
* question from Matt Sykes:
* would like to discuss IBM PR for UAA DB migration strategy with the team

*### Garden*

* investigating management of disk quotas
* replacing C/Bash code with Go to enable instrumentation, security, and
* planning to remove default VCAP user in Garden

*### Lattice*

* nearly done with last stories before releasing 0.2.5
* Cisco contributed openstack support
* baking deployment automation into published images on some providers
* improved documentation for how to install lattice on VMs
* next work planned is support for CF-like app lifecycle management
(pushing code in addition to docker)

*### TCP Router*

* building out icebox to reflect inception
* question from Matt Sykes:
* how to incorporate new project into PMC? IBM parties surprised with
announcement at Summit
* Chip: inconsistent policy so far; maybe this belongs alongside gorouter
in Runtime PMC
* working on process for review, discussion of incubating project
* Shannon: first step will be to produce proposal, discuss with community

*### LAMB*

* big rewind project on datadog firehose nozzle: limitation in doppler
about size of messages, dropping messages
* working to resolve those problems: improving number of concurrent reads,
marshaling efficiency
* seeing increases in message loss in Runtime environments: may be other
source of contention, working with them to resolve
* Datadog nozzle work:
* looking at developing a Graphite nozzle from community work
* will investigate community interest in Graphite support
* naming alignment from loggregator to doppler
* instrumentation of statsd for larger message sizes, work to phase out
collector and NATS in CF
* goal is to stream metrics directly to firehose
* question from Matt Sykes: story about protobuf protocol proposal
* best way to support vm tagging in log messages: distinguish between types
of data in log messages
* goal would be to improve the implementation: more generic API for message
data; understand implications of this change

*### Greenhouse*

* Accepted code from HP
* will get support from Microsoft with regard to interest in entire
Microsoft stack

*## PMC Lifecycle Activities*

None to report.

*## Open Discussion*

None to report.