UAA Release 2.3.0

Sree Tummidi

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce the release of UAA 2.3.0. Please find the
release details below:


- Updated Spring Versions
<>: Spring 4.1.x,
Spring Security 3.2 latest, Spring Security OAuth 2.0.x latest, Tomcat
Version 7.0.x latest
- Both LDAP and internal user store authentication should be allowed to
be set in an enabled state in an Identity Zone
- Hide Create Account and Reset Password link if client is not
associated with internal user store authentication

View it on GitHub <>.
In addition to this we have also added support for New Relic Monitoring &
Updated the JRE version to 1.7 which will be available in the next version
of cf-release

Sree Tummidi
Sr. Product Manager
Identity - Pivotal Cloud Foundry